Vivaldi browser

This browser has many options for your personal configuration as you like. Maybe you want visual speed dial for bookmarks like the old Opera had, well it’s not perfect but with soft abstract background it looks perfect, you can setup that in options. I have retired Firefox browser and bookmarks bar, this browser is almost half the speed of Chrome based browsers in Basemark Web 3.0, so it was time to switch to Vivaldi.

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  1. Nice. Clean Blog page Look, and economical with expensive PAYG Mobile Broadband!

    Just what this WordPress newbie had in mind. Made a canononical Blog Page, but cannot grok
    the Vivaldi Interface sufficiently to setup my Blog default page at all. So Far

    The only reason I retain Firefox (ESR usually) is because I prefer to take control of the
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Key Certifications, and for something critical almost always
    has a dedicated separate profile for that one application that only recognizes the
    CA (Certification Authority) for the one, or very few, CAs required for that one site
    to work properly. Nothing else should be able to establish a secure connection to remove
    data from the browser without my being able to capture it and see what has been
    taken. Just “distrust” everything else, and upgrade the browser as one, easily checkable
    complete production release binary. Blocking online incremental updating or additions
    of bloated binary I never use, that just increase the range of attack options. “Attack”
    is extended in definition to marketers profiling activities of “customers” and sharing that
    data without Informed Consent, on every occasion that it is sought.

    Not sure how to do that in Vivaldi. Or any other Chromium variant.

    There are a Zoo of MANY connections – CDNs and cloud based things that may be bad
    actors. Effectively hiding in plain sight. No easy way of knowing. Had some serious
    problems recently with Amazon AWS stuff. Its a LOT of effort to clean up the behaviour
    to constrain any modern browser to operate only through one secure connection,
    even when the webserver owner takes great care to make that possible…

    But yes – I agree wholeheartedly with your efficiency comments. Especially on older
    machines where I may also be working from a resource limited virtual machine that
    is one of several active at the same time.

    I got pretty disgusted with the more recent editions of the TorBrowser, and wish that
    there was a chromium based equivalent to it ( Its based on Mozilla FireFox Quantum ESR )

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