My games ideas

Orbital Trashman
Cleaning Earth orbit with tools and living on space station.

Normality Patrol
In the future, Police have handheld scanner for scanning brains of suspects to determine the state of disease.

Dope Tycoon
A game that start with mafia and trash collection company and continues with drugs and so on. Transporting drugs from Bogota to US and Europe, with small submerged boats and small airplanes.

Need For Cash: Armored Truck Edition
Parody on Need For Speed but a real game. If something goes downhill like a car or truck should have more speed and more flexible engine and same goes for uphill with less engine power now.

Therapeutic adventure game that start in mental hospital and continues by living and working with nature. Work should be gardening and something with wood and animals.

Games should be real, practical to play and more or less logical. You can take the names if you want.

Games should ditch normal difficulty and should have tourist, casual, hard, very hard and nightmare.

If you don’t know how to play a game, it doesn’t matter how hard or how easy it is.