How to replace Windows with Linux?

Long story short, for web browsing you can use your favorite browser, what ever it is. Well, that’s a start, for video playing is there VLC. Office support is done by LibreOffice, it makes M$ compatible documents. Graphics editor is there called Gimp and 3D modelling app Blender. Games, yes there are some, but better yet get a console like a PlayStation. Linux maybe starts slower but it’s faster ready, so that’s that.


Let’s just call it Ubuntu LTS and how to install:

Two drives are needed for better speed.
First install Windows on second drive after disabling primary drive.
Than install Linux on first drive and disable second drive.
After successful boot of Linux, enable second drive. 
You can do both installs under UEFI, but than disable it and set it to CSM.
Do “sudo update-grub” or do updates to add Windows Boot Loader to grub.