Why Linux?

Linux is great, just get proper hardware, not just installing on any today’s hyper machines, it’s not very economical to do that. Well the point is, you don’t need any special high performance system to run Linux, just enough of RAM and SSD would not hurt. Smaller operating system is always faster so that’s that. This days dual boot may not work on UEFI, but no worries you can try Ubuntu on Virtual Box or boot from USB thumb drive or just DVD and test system there. So why Linux, well it saved me about 500€ with not buying a new laptop. If you like games, than get a PlayStation or Xbox, you don’t need gaming PC for that, TV is always bigger than any PC monitor.

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  1. These days Linux runs well on all systems…Many OS versions and DE (desktop environments i.e Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc..) to accommodate whatever needs or type of system you have. Dual Boot or even Triple boot is common more than ever…but most are moving away from the constraints of Microsoft. UEFI, Legacy no problem! Linux is accelerating in the Gaming market at a quick pace, High end GPU and CPU systems thrive in Linux via online or onboard. Single core, Dual core, 4 core, 8 core, plenty of power users use the software (which is free) to accomplish goals in business, music, and film. Not just the everyday user, but development as well. Biggest plus? Free, Free, Free!!!


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