Lubuntu on Vbox

This is the fastest Linux so i have install it on Virtual Box. I have selected 4 cores, 4GB RAM and 3D acceleration, so that’s fine to run this distro, fast as possible. There is not much to test on, well you can install your favorit browser and that’s about it. The rest of the apps are also available for Windows. With Wine you can install and run something from Windows that’s possible, i use Terminal for that. Sadly Wine still isn’t part of user interface, at least i don’t know how to use it without Terminal. I think that supremacy of Windows 11 just checked all the check boxes, including security.

From 66MHz to 4GHz

Back than there were clone CPUs or x86 compatible, like AMD 486 DX2 66MHz, that what we had in first family PC. System had 8MB of RAM, 1MB graphics card and 420MB hard drive. Later on there was multimedia upgrade with CD-ROM, sound card and Juster speakers. We had Philips 14″ inch monitor VGA 640×480, good for everything. Okay, fast forward to 2023, i was just wondering why we need this much power this days with quad core at 4GHz and in laptop that has AMD APU with plenty of power for editing whatever content might be and some light gaming on the side. Basically i’m talking about user interface, is all that power needed for that or is it just evolution of hardware. Yes, thanks for good speakers, display, quiet fan and fast file system. This days RAM minimum is 4GB just for web browsing, sure but a web browser this days can do almost everything. So my question is, are we getting anywhere or this is it?

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What is an ad blocker?

Ad blocker will block ads on web site that you visit and maybe don’t want. Well, i’m not against ads but they should be put in background of web site or in head of web page, but not in content of web site and if they are than they should be part of the content of web site itself. In the old days they were Flash ads with Flash plug-in and that made things very slow. Vivaldi uses internal blocker, it’s good, i rarely see any ads anywhere. The rest of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge is required an add-on, like uBlock Origin is good enough. I’m on the web like from the ’90 so i think i know what i’m talking about. Some sites will try to block the blocker, you can still disable ad blocker for specific site, it’s not that hard. Ads should be always part of the content that are relate of content itself, so that’s my point on that matter and of course we need good ads not spam that’s for sure.

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The last Saints Row

This game is not that bad, like some reviews are. Sure, maybe there is some lack of quality control with sound and story dialog but the gameplay is good. No silly stuff this time, maybe some players want that but can’t make the same soup every time so thanks for that. Driving is good, but engine from cars sounds muffled, that’s my only complaint. This game can be done in a couple days, it’s fun after all. I saved side missions for last, so it’s still something to play after the game is done. Completion of the game is under save game, so it’s not that high even if the game is done. I have done playing at 78%, it’s good enough for me.

PC gaming is dead

Why? Well, less and less people can afford 4k equipment. I mean giving some company half a grand for almost every component it’s just nuts. Having something in between and ray-tracing enabled, will just give you mediocre frame rates. Prices for games are also need to be paid, so my advice is better invest in gold, or have a car, it cost just the same. Soon the world will run out of food but not TVs, so it’s still a chance for console gamers. Yes, next generation of consoles will go for 8k, that’s for sure.

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I helped making Zen, with saying that it needs to be modular by design, for easier adding and removing cores. It’s like a human body is also modular or engine of a car, can’t put everything in one solution, that’s impossible. Don’t believe me, sure i don’t believe myself but here we are and facts are here. My Zen 2 laptop makes about 50k+ in Octane 2 benchmark so i’m happy with it and for AMD. They crippled my APU GPU because it’s Ryzen 3 and not 5, sure thanks anyway don’t need that much GPU. I’m not an engineer so but this was produced in my head, so that’s that.

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Test of a browser

Switching to Vivaldi and modernizing bookmarks over speed dials of home screen with some logos from the web, that works for me. I have run Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi and Opera. I use Vivaldi on Ubuntu and with Chrome based browser you get about 2x speed in math but that’s not always necessary for page loading to be any faster. This days skins should not slowdown any browser but you never know. Basic functions are more or less the same in all browsers. Firefox can do large block of text like my Lots of text HTML5 demo but the rest of the browsers has 2x math speed compared to Firefox, so every browser is good for something or for someone. Firefox needs to advance JS speed and get some proper speed dial of home screen with better configuration and that’s about it what like to see in this browser in the future. Link

Alekhine’s gun review

This is a stealth game something between Hitman and Saboteur. It got some bugs but it’s playable. There are 11 missions and in third you don’t need bolt cutters, just exit the building and go to some alley to finish the level. Always save the game first when starting a new level because this game don’t make progress checkpoints and just load the last save by default. I got this game at discount prize for about 3€ on Xbox store, you can buy this cards at gas station fill the account and pay the game with QR code with your phone. Well the graphics is a bit dated and you don’t need 300HP system to play it. Outdoor shadow system is terrible, can’t see shit, but i like stealth aspect of the game. Basically i used combat knife to get someone clothes and you can also throw it in someone, on easy is hard enough.

Poor man’s 8-core

Testing famous AMD FX with WinRar benchmark (ALT+B) can put out some big numbers, but i guess 8-core will be always faster than 4-core at least in some things. That’s 7858 KB/s but in Excel benchmark 8120 is actually slower than Intel laptop CPU Core i3 330M, so math is shit on FX CPUs that’s for sure but maybe 8350 did it better. Excel benchmark was run in Libre Office with disabled security for macros, than i was able to run it with 44s on this CPU and 35s on Toshiba L650 with Ubuntu. You can find Excel benchmark on the web under result of Google. Web browsing should be good with FX cpu and some short video editing and that’s about it. Games run fine but you should not expect any more than Intel Haswell type CPU perfomance and that’s generous. My phone with MediaTek 2.0GHz 8-core and benchmark of Rar was 1639 KB/s so we’re actually going somewhere.