Test of a browser

Switching to Vivaldi and modernizing bookmarks over speed dial with some logos from the web, that works for me. I have run Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi and Opera, the last two got the same drop down menu bug or anything to do with drop down option from websites, there is something with my old Radeon 5000 series GPU in my Toshiba L650 i think. I use Vivaldi on Ubuntu and with Chrome based browser you get about 2x speed in math but that’s not always necessary for page loading to be any faster. This days skins should not slowdown any browser but you never know. Basic functions are more or less the same in all browsers. Firefox can do large block of text like my Lots of text HTML5 demo but the rest of the browsers has 2x math speed compared to Firefox, so every browser is good for something or for someone. Drop down menu bug can be triggered with resizing window up and down on Ubuntu/Wayland with Vivaldi and Opera.