Test of a browser

Switching to Vivaldi and modernizing bookmarks over speed dial with some logos from the web, that works for me. I have run Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi and Opera, the last two got the same drop down menu bug or anything to do with drop down option from websites, there is something with my old Radeon 5000 series GPU in my Toshiba L650 i think. I use Vivaldi on Ubuntu and with Chrome based browser you get about 2x speed in math but that’s not always necessary for page loading to be any faster. This days skins should not slowdown any browser but you never know. Basic functions are more or less the same in all browsers. Firefox can do large block of text like my Lots of text HTML5 demo but the rest of the browsers has 2x math speed compared to Firefox, so every browser is good for something or for someone. Drop down menu bug can be triggered with resizing window up and down on Ubuntu/Wayland with Vivaldi and Opera.

Alekhine’s gun review

This is a stealth game something between Hitman and Saboteur. It got some bugs but it’s playable. There are 11 missions and in third you don’t need bolt cutters, just exit the building and go to some alley to finish the level. Always save the game first when starting a new level because this game don’t make progress checkpoints and just load the last save by default. I got this game for discount prize 3€ on Xbox store, you can buy this cards at gas station fill the account and pay the game with qr code with your phone. Well the graphics is a bit dated and you don’t need 300HP system to play it. Outdoor shadow system is terrible, can’t see shit, but i like stealth aspect of the game. Basically i used combat knife to get someone clothes and you can also throw it in someone, on easy is hard enough.

Poor man’s 8-core

Testing famous AMD FX with WinRar benchmark (ALT+B) can put out some big numbers, but i guess 8-core will be always faster than 4-core at least in some things. That’s 7858 KB/s but in Excel benchmark 8120 is actually slower than Intel laptop CPU Core i3 330M, so math is shit on FX CPUs that’s for sure but maybe 8350 did it better. Excel benchmark was run in Libre Office with disabled security for macros, than i was able to run it with 44s on this CPU and 35s on Toshiba L650 with Ubuntu. You can find Excel benchmark on the web under Overclock.net result of Google. Web browsing should be good with FX cpu and some short video editing and that’s about it. Games run fine but you should not expect any more than Intel Haswell type CPU perfomance and that’s generous. My phone with MediaTek 2.0GHz 8-core and benchmark of Rar was 1639 KB/s so we’re actually going somewhere.

40 years more of tech…

They took 40 years from 5MHz to 5GHz and now next 40 for 5THz, but probably will be quantum system faster and sooner for that. This quantum optical CPU made from Graphene will run AI and licensing system for GPU and CPU configuration with no need for separate components, basically unlimited power, you will just buy software based component.

Image source: Flaticon.com

New LTS…

Almost looks and works presentable. If no UEFI support, there will be a new Ubuntu logo, so that’s very good. Upgrade from 20.04 took about 30 minutes on 10 years old laptop with SSD, that’s also very good. I like the new icons but this default Gnome window controls could use some color on it, that’s for sure. Desktop is now more flexible, before was a bit stiff. App drawer has very small icons in default taskbar position, if on the bottom setup than they are normal size, could be a bug on my HD ready resolution and it’s fixed now by larger icons. So far everything works on Wayland for me, more or less, it’s slightly faster and better than 20.04 so i love it.

Why Linux?

Linux is great, just get proper hardware, not just installing on any today’s hyper machines, it’s not very economical to do that. Well the point is, you don’t need any special high performance system to run Linux, just enough of RAM and SSD would not hurt. Smaller operating system is always faster so that’s that. This days dual boot may not work on UEFI, but no worries you can try Ubuntu on Virtual Box or boot from USB thumb drive or just DVD and test system there. So why Linux, well it saved me about 500€ with not buying a new laptop. If you like games, than get a PlayStation or Xbox, you don’t need gaming PC for that, TV is always bigger than any PC monitor.

Dynamic Intelligence

We need self-learning routers that will much better protect home users, but i guess you get what you paid for. Internet provider don’t do much for user, it’s not resetting router if something stops working or refresh public IP address, so that’s that. EU needs it’s own Internet shield using open standards, who knows how much holes are in devices already. Remembering and saving passwords in Word type document on external storage like USB thumb drive is recommended, we already sold our souls online to social media. I guess we need Unicode passwords, maybe that will somehow help. Web emails should also log any login, how hard is that?

Image source: Flaticon.com

Getting more from OS

Fragmentation of files is there, it’s not much but it should be at zero level.
User with admin password, it’s not the most elegant solution.
No option how long is sleep mode on a laptop.
File size is not what it should be on drive.
Edge browser does not exit memory.
(Fixed by disable running apps on exit and reinstall extension.)
No time sync option on startup.

USB virus

It’s not an .exe infection but more like hardware on USB devices. How do i know if i have it, well it’s making mouse pointer sluggish and ports are warm or hot to the touch and sometimes Linux reports USB descriptor error. The main problem is that is spreading over USB ports no mater where you put, like TV, set-op boxes and so on. To bypass the problem, you could use an PS/2 optical mouse, if your system has support for that or maybe a wireless but it’s still USB. Waiting for USB 4.0 is a solution, but who knows how long it will take to get devices on that standard and only on that standard. Where this comes from i don’t know, but it can only be fixed by changing all USB devices with that port to a new one and that’s not a cheap solution. Side effects are, mouse button my stop holding click, try doing circles with brush in any graphics app to see if there are any gaps. Accuracy and speed or movement is affected. LINK

20 years more of tech…

NFS stands for network file system, some day we will have this with zero fragmentation and IP file access system. The Web is faster with opening complex site than a large Word document from local storage. New OS will be unified something similar like gaming consoles use, you just log-in everything is provided for use. Not sure why would we need 128 core CPU and 1TB of RAM for home use but i guess servers already use that for Web services and other more specialised use. Why a faster computer, is software any faster, well it’s not, just some output is. So what’s next, Android tablet is good at one thing and not bad at 10 things so that’s that. Games sells new hardware, but do we really need it, that’s the question?