From 66MHz to 4GHz

Back than there were clone CPUs or x86 compatible, like AMD 486 DX2 66MHz, that what we had in first family PC. System had 8MB of RAM, 1MB graphics card and 420MB hard drive. Later on there was multimedia upgrade with CD-ROM, sound card and Juster speakers. We had Philips 14ā€³ inch monitor VGA 640×480, good for everything. Okay, fast forward to 2023, i was just wondering why we need this much power this days with quad core at 4GHz and in laptop that has AMD APU with plenty of power for editing whatever content might be and some light gaming on the side. Basically iā€™m talking about user interface, is all that power needed for that or is it just evolution of hardware. Yes, thanks for good speakers, display, quiet fan and fast file system. This days RAM minimum is 4GB just for web browsing, sure but a web browser this days can do almost everything. So my question is, are we getting anywhere or this is it?

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