Next gen. CPU

Small core, big core, who cares but anyway next CPU should be something special, like combine all cores into one and add up frequency in to one big score. If you can have shared cache, can’t you have like shared cores/frequency, something like memory […]

PC gaming is dead

Why? Well, less and less people can afford 4k equipment. I mean giving some company half a grand for almost every component it’s just nuts. Having something in between and ray-tracing enabled, will just give you mediocre frame rates. Prices for games are also […]


I helped making Zen, with saying that it needs to be modular by design, for easier adding and removing cores. It’s like a human body is also modular or engine of a car, can’t put everything in one solution, that’s impossible. Don’t believe me, […]

Poor man’s 8-core

Testing famous AMD FX with WinRar benchmark (ALT+B) can put out some big numbers, but i guess 8-core will be always faster than 4-core at least in some things. That’s 7858 KB/s but in Excel benchmark 8120 is actually slower than Intel laptop CPU […]

New LTS…

Almost looks and works presentable. If no UEFI support, there will be a new Ubuntu logo, so that’s very good. Upgrade from 20.04 took about 30 minutes on 10 years old laptop with SSD, that’s also very good. I like the new icons but […]