Poor man’s 8-core

Testing famous AMD FX with WinRar benchmark (ALT+B) can put out some big numbers, but i guess 8-core will be always faster than 4-core at least in some things. That’s 7858 KB/s but in Excel benchmark 8120 is actually slower than Intel laptop CPU Core i3 330M, so math is shit on FX CPUs that’s for sure but maybe 8350 did it better. Excel benchmark was run in Libre Office with disabled security for macros, than i was able to run it with 44s on this CPU and 35s on Toshiba L650 with Ubuntu. You can find Excel benchmark on the web under Overclock.net result of Google. Web browsing should be good with FX cpu and some short video editing and that’s about it. Games run fine but you should not expect any more than Intel Haswell type CPU perfomance and that’s generous. My phone with MediaTek 2.0GHz 8-core and benchmark of Rar was 1639 KB/s so we’re actually going somewhere.


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