Alekhine’s gun review

This is a stealth game something between Hitman and Saboteur. It got some bugs but it’s playable. There are 11 missions and in third you don’t need bolt cutters, just exit the building and go to some alley to finish the level. Always save the game first when starting a new level because this game don’t make progress checkpoints and just load the last save by default. I got this game at discount prize for about 3€ on Xbox store, you can buy this cards at gas station fill the account and pay the game with QR code with your phone. Well the graphics is a bit dated and you don’t need 300HP system to play it. Outdoor shadow system is terrible, can’t see shit, but i like stealth aspect of the game. Basically i used combat knife to get someone clothes and you can also throw it in someone, on easy is hard enough.


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