PlayStation 4 gaming voyage

I’m not saying that some games can’t be finished but it’s hard to get honest review how hard is the game. After two years of playing on PS4 i must say that two games stand out and that’s Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Zero Dawn, this two are the best, very good are also Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider trilogy and Gran Turismo Sport. Some play GTA and Call of Duty online but not me. Why not using PC, well it sucks and cost a lot. Used games for PS4 do cost some but not a lot, and the price start to drop after couple months after game is released. So who’s better PC or PS4, some say that PlayStation is 10 times slower, sure but it’s also 10 times better optimized. PlayStation it’s just for games and everything else is done by itself, you just use the controller and that’s about it, can’t get any easier than that. PlayStation games also use auto-target system, to play a bit easier than on PC and any LG TV is good enough for PlayStation.

How to replace Windows with Linux?

Long story short, for web browsing you can use your favorite browser, what ever it is. Well, that’s a start, for video playing is there VLC. Office support is done by LibreOffice, it makes M$ compatible documents. Graphics editor is there called Gimp and 3D modelling app Blender. Games, yes there are some, but better yet get a console like a PlayStation. Linux maybe starts slower but it’s faster ready, so that’s that.


Let’s just call it Ubuntu LTS and how to install:

Two drives are needed for better speed.
First install Windows on second drive after disabling primary drive.
Than install Linux on first drive and disable second drive.
After successful boot of Linux, enable second drive. 
You can do both installs under UEFI, but than disable it and set it to CSM.
Do “sudo update-grub” or do updates to add Windows Boot Loader to grub.

My ideas for games…

Green Tycoon
It’s about how to get planet Earth more anti-pollution, from industrial to moderen and future age with solar charged electric cars and so on…

Orbital Trashman
Cleaning Earth orbit with tools and living on space station.

Normality Patrol
In the future, Police have handheld scanner for scanning brains of suspects to determine the state of disease. Crime is a disease.

Dope Tycoon
A game that start with mafia and trash collection company and continues with drugs and so on. Transporting drugs from Bogota to US and Europe, with small submerged boats and small airplanes.

Need For Cash: Armored Truck Edition
Parody on Need For Speed but a real game. If something goes downhill like a car or truck should have more speed and more flexible engine and the same goes for uphill but with less engine power now.

Therapeutic adventure game that start in mental hospital and continues by living and working with nature. Work should be gardening and something with wood and animals.

Games should be real, practical to play and more or less logical. You can take the names if you want.

Games should ditch normal difficulty and should have tourist, casual, hard, very hard and nightmare.

If you don’t know how to play the game, it doesn’t matter how hard or how easy it is.

I like playing games that allow me play in a way that i want to play it, simple and effective, without any stupid scripting in the game.

I’m talking about quality, i’m talking about story and i’m talking about performance at any level.