Helmet for everything

Still no brain implant for controlling microwave or whatever? Well, this will collect thoughts and converting them to commands over helmet with Bluetooth signals. This will allow to control all range of devices like TV and stupid computers to garage doors and door locks, last two are a maybe not sure how will this work in public or outside. Brain implant will be wireless and charged over helmet so that’s something.

Image source: Flaticon.com

Dynamic Intelligence

We need self-learning routers that will much better protect home users, but i guess you get what you paid for. Internet provider don’t do much for user, it’s not resetting router if something stops working or refresh public IP address, so that’s that. EU needs it’s own Internet shield using open standards, who knows how much holes are in devices already. Remembering and saving passwords in Word type document on external storage like USB thumb drive is recommended, we already sold our souls online to social media. I guess we need Unicode passwords, maybe that will somehow help. Web emails should also log any login, how hard is that?

Image source: Flaticon.com

Time traveler from 2222

I’m Blaze Pristy a time traveler from 2.2.2222 and i have arrived at 2:22 on 2.2.2020 in the afternoon. I came for a book about alchemy, how to make gold from liquid mercury by radiation. We have flying cars there and no airplanes. We eat soft pills that taste like real food by chewing them. Gold is used for high frequency portal making for time travelers. We don’t use computers any more, everything is interconnected by artificial intelligence projecting information and data in peoples mind by request on daily basis. We live in groups in small cities with very high skyscrapers, lifted of the ground by artificial gravity. Everything is provided, no more disease, we live about 120 years, than we recycle our bodies and mind by rebirth and start over. Protection from outside is done by space drones in orbit. More than half of the world population was gone by 22nd century by flood caused by poles shift and with mysterious disease from outside visitors from another planet. Bye!