Playing on Xbox One S

It supports all the bells and whistles, like 4k and HDR. Games are basically from PC, so if you don’t want to bother installing drivers and other stuff on PC, it’s the way to go. I like the controller very much, but the most important thing, this console is missing a soul, games are all known from PC. I buy used games from local web market or from online shops, can’t get much cheaper than that, but i guess you can have subscription to Xbox games service and download from there if you got a fast line and if you are in the right region. I pretend that Xbox is PS4, i have the same setup that was on PS4, like disabled background music it was boring anyway and wallpaper from Dishonored: Death of the Outsider with blue coloration and it’s like Xbox is a good copy of something. Fallout 4 is a good game, i came very close to the end, Dishonored 1 was good, Forza Horizon 4 is a bit childish but with very good driving, Need for Speed: Heat is also good, they will soon start abandoning this console, less and less new games will be supported in favour of better graphics for new consoles.

PlayStation 4 gaming voyage

I’m not saying that some games can’t be finished but it’s hard to get honest review how hard is the game. After two years of playing on PS4 i must say that two games stand out and that’s Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Zero Dawn, this two are the best, very good are also Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider trilogy and Gran Turismo Sport. Some play GTA and Call of Duty online but not me. Why not using PC, well it sucks and cost a lot. Used games for PS4 do cost some but not a lot, and the price start to drop after couple months after game is released. So who’s better PC or PS4, some say that PlayStation is 10 times slower, sure but it’s also 10 times better optimized. PlayStation it’s just for games and everything else is done by itself, you just use the controller and that’s about it, can’t get any easier than that. PlayStation games also use auto-target system, to play a bit easier than on PC and any LG TV is good enough for PlayStation.