New LTS…

Almost looks and works presentable. If no UEFI support, there will be a new Ubuntu logo, so that’s very good. Upgrade from 20.04 took about 30 minutes on 10 years old laptop with SSD, that’s also very good. I like the new icons but this default Gnome window controls could use some color on it, that’s for sure. Desktop is now more flexible, before was a bit stiff. App drawer has very small icons in default taskbar position, if on the bottom setup than they are normal size, could be a bug on my HD ready resolution and it’s fixed now by larger icons. So far everything works on Wayland for me, more or less, it’s slightly faster and better than 20.04 so i love it.

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  1. Clean install failed to start properly so i guess I’m stuck with this process 20.04 to 22.04 upgrade and that’s fine for now. No UEFI at my end.


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