What is an ad blocker?

Ad blocker will block ads on web site that you visit and maybe don’t want. Well, i’m not against ads but they should be put in background of web site or in head of web page, but not in content of web site and if they are than they should be part of the content of web site itself. In the old days they were Flash ads with Flash plug-in and that made things very slow. Vivaldi uses internal blocker, it’s good, i rarely see any ads anywhere. The rest of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge is required an add-on, like uBlock Origin is good enough. I’m on the web like from the ’90 so i think i know what i’m talking about. Some sites will try to block the blocker, you can still disable ad blocker for specific site, it’s not that hard. Ads should be always part of the content that are relate of content itself, so that’s my point on that matter and of course we need good ads not spam that’s for sure.

Image source: Flaticon.com


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